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Galaxy Hypnosis offers the following services;

  • Free consultations
  • Individual sessions, (In-person, In-home, Skype)
  • Couples sessions
  • Group sessions
  • Group presentations (i.e., stress management, relaxation. Etc.)
  • Hypnotism Certification Training
  • Hypnosis Continuing Education Classes
  • Workshops and Seminars
What our clients seek most often:

  • Anger Management
  • Body Image
  • Business Skills and Finance
  • Childbirth and Fertility
  • Children's Issues
  • Confidence in Self
  • Coping with Loss
  • Fears and Phobias
  • Grief Processing and Recovery
  • Habits and Disorders
  • Health Improvement
  • Memory and Learning Enhancement
  • Pain Management
  • Performance Enhancement
  • Personal Development
  • Pre-Procedure/Surgery Preparation
  • Post Surgery Recovery Enhancement 
  • Relationship Balance and Enhancement
  • Self-Hypnosis and Meditation
  • Sexual Response and Performance
  • Stage Fright
  • Sleep Improvement
  • Smoking Cessation
  • Stress and Anxiety Reduction
  • Stroke Recovery Enhancement
  • Testing/Examination Anxiety and Stress Reduction
  • Weight Loss/Gain Program Packages

  • Identity Reboot - Empowerment 
  • Stop Smoking -
  • Virtual Gastric Band 
  • Enhancing Intimacy - Couples  

Virtual gastric Band - Gastric Band Hypnosis

Parts Therapy Practitioner
Ultra-Height® Practitioner
Ultra-Depth® Practitioner

Hypnotic Weight Loss Programs at Galaxy Hypnosis

Hypnosis helps you use your mind to bring about the positive changes you want in your life. It does this by helping the client; removing or changing habits, changing your perspective on negative life events, and resolving issues rather than medicating them. We use two different programs here at galaxy hypnosis to help you make lifestyle changes after we identify the reason for weight gain and then determine how to reduce that weight safely and permanently.

Using the amazing and unlimited ability of your mind, you begin to make small changes in the way you view food and redirect your thoughts previously associated with food. You’ll quickly notice how easy it is to refuse unhealthy choices and select portions that are vital in allowing you to reach and maintain your desired weight.

The Hypnotic Fat BanTM method is quickly becoming the weight loss plan of choice. The program was developed and refined over the last thirty years by creator Robert Otto, using the elements of guided imagery, hypnotic principles, and creative visualization to effect change.

Throughout life, we are influenced by both positive and negative communications. All communication is stored in the memory. When specific situations activate the memory there are both physical and emotional responses within a person. These responses can be modified, altered, improved, adjusted and changed through the use of visualization. Visualization can be defined as the process of imagining mental images to help create or change awareness or behavior. This is accomplished using our sensory ability to mentally see, hear, taste, smell, touch, or feel. This process often refers to a variety of techniques, including guided imagery, storytelling, direct suggestion, fantasy, role- playing and active imagination.

The Hypnotic Fat BanTM method is designed to revise the way you view food, change your thoughts associated with food, eliminate unhealthy choices, modify your caloric intake, suppress temptation, increase your desire for thinness and guide you towards achieving desired results.

The role of the Hypnotic Fat BanTM practitioner is to coach you to success and encourage you to imagine, picture and visualize the best situation in achieving your ideal weight – creating images that are designed to actualize the desired change. If a person can conceive the idea of being at their ideal weight, believe in their ability to achieve a reasonable reduction in weight, and then certainly success in their own mind can make it a physical reality.

Call today for a free consultation about how the Hypnotic Fat BanTM can work for you.

The Virtual Gastric Band the Weight Loss Solution

The Virtual Gastric Band (VGB) is a unique new way to help you achieve weight loss success. It swept across Europe and is now becoming popular in the United States. This program is designed for the person who needs to lose 30 pounds or more.

The Virtual Gastric Band works by hypnotically conditioning the client to believe, on a subconscious level, that a gastric band has been placed around the top portion of the stomach. Just like the real gastric band surgery it safely  reduces the amount of food you can eat.  The VGB has you mentally create a golf-ball size small pouch at the top of your tummy that fills very quickly and gives you a full feeling. It doesn't take long to feel comfortably full this way. As the client becomes used to eating smaller portions and not being hungry, they have new freedom to make choices that lead to the weight loss they desire.

Hypnosis, a heightened state of suggestibility, is used to:
1. Condition the mind to create the belief that you actually had the gastric band surgery.
2. Establish new eating habits (i.e., eliminating snacks, eating smaller portions, only 3 meals a day, etc..) 
3. Increased Hydration (Drinking plenty of water or non-caloric beverages) to expedite body functions.  
4. Imagining/Visualizing yourself in the new clothes, at the goal weight, feeling the vibrant energy that comes with a slender body

This is NOT a DIET, but rather a lifestyle change that clients find they enjoy adapting to because it is actually the proper way that living beings should take in nourishment, as they stop eating when they even think they are beginning to feel comfortably full, the weight comes off at a healthful rate.

The program typically involves 4-6 sessions and those are personalized to meet your unique needs. There will be personalized recordings provided as you advance through the program.

Call today for a free consultation about how the Virtual Gastric Band can work for you.

Anger Management Programs at Galaxy Hypnosis (Adult and Children)

We all know what anger is, and we've all felt it: whether as a fleeting annoyance or as a full-fledged rage. Anger is a completely normal, usually healthy, human emotion. But when it gets out of control and turns destructive, it can lead to problems: problems at work, in your personal relationships and in the overall quality of your life. And it can make you feel as though you're at the mercy of an unpredictable and powerful emotion.

What is Anger? Anger is an emotional state that varies in intensity from mild irritation to intense fury and rage.  Like all emotions, it is accompanied by physiological and biological changes; when you get angry, your heart rate and blood pressure go up, as does the level of your energy hormones, adrenalin and noradrenalin. Anger can be caused by external and internal events. You could be angry at a specific person (Such as a coworker or supervisor) or event (a traffic jam, a canceled flight), or your anger could be caused by worrying or brooding about personal problems. Past memories of traumatic or enraging events can also trigger angry feelings.

Expressing Anger: The instinctive, natural way to express anger is to respond aggressively. Anger is a natural, adaptive response to threats; it inspires powerful, often aggressive, feelings and behaviours, which allow us to fight and to defend ourselves when we are attacked. A certain amount of anger, therefore, is necessary to our survival. On the other hand, we can't physically lash out at every person or object that irritates or annoys us; laws, social norms and common sense place limits on how far our anger can take us.

If you feel that your anger is really out of control, if it is having a negative impact on your relationships and adversely affecting important parts of your life, you should consider hypnosis to learn how to handle it better. We will work with your subconscious mind, using a range of hypnotic techniques, for identifying triggers, changing your thinking, and changing your response behaviors.

 For clients who have been diagnosed by a medical professional with a disorder, a medical referral is required for this therapy.

Pain Management Programs at Galaxy Hypnosis

Using hypnosis for Pain management is used in many areas of the medical world.  The Subconscious (SC) mind is the manager of how we experience all physical  sensations; warmth, cold, pleasure, and pain.  We work with your SC mind to decrease the level of discomfort or sensation for the affected area.  We only work on Chronic Pain and usually with a doctors referral so that we are enhancing your treatment plan and not conflicting with your doctor's guidance.     

Research has shown medical hypnosis to be helpful for acute and chronic pain. In 1996, a panel of the National Institutes of Health found hypnosis to be effective in easing cancer pain. More recent studies have demonstrated its effectiveness for pain related to burns, cancer, and rheumatoid arthritis and reduction of anxiety associated with surgery. An analysis of 18 studies by researchers at Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York revealed moderate to large pain-relieving effects from hypnosis, supporting the effectiveness of hypnotic techniques for pain Management.

Fear and Phobia Programs at Galaxy Hypnosis

Hypnotherapy is extremely successful in treating phobias. By finding and removing the specific cause of the fear or phobia, allows that person to feel so much better, and by providing more control using a cognitive approach in those situations, where they will feel more comfortable.

It is estimated that 10% of the population have to deal with a fear of phobia, and most will not seek treatment, as it does not affect them very often. Most people avoid situations where the fear/phobia is a problem. For some people it can be seriously debilitating. People with phobias will either go to great lengths to avoid whatever it is they fear, or they will tolerate it with considerable anxiety. For some people, a phobia can trigger panic attacks. In severe cases the phobia can end up literally controlling a person’s life.

For clients who have been diagnosed by a medical professional with a phobia, a medical referral is required for this therapy.

Sleep Improvement Programs at Galaxy Hypnosis

One of the biggest misconceptions of Hypnosis is that the client is asleep during the session. Which is not accurate, however hypnosis can, will and does assist our clients in getting a higher quality of rest when they do sleep. Hypnosis is a state of focused attention with profound relaxation attached.

Often times our clients who come to us for improved sleeping habits, find that they are able to trade-off between the habits that keeps them awake with a fresh new habit of rest filled sleep. Improved sleeping habits can easily be achieved within the methods and hypnotic techniques available. We create the environment for positive sleep with our clients by giving them numerous self-hypnosis tools that are custom designed for their specific circumstances. Quieting the mind, learning to relax and trusting their subconscious to take the night shift, so they can drift into a safe peace filled sleep

Often we come to realize that sleeping issues are attached to a wider array of life challenges; therefore we create an environment for full mind and body healing, balance and well-being. As the pieces of the puzzle fall into place, sleep is generally on of the first stress effects to adjust.

Grief, Loss, and Separation Programs at Galaxy Hypnosis

Very few things in life are more devastating and emotionally draining than experiencing grief, loss and separation. It transforms us in unthinkable ways. We need to allow ourselves time, our time, to work through the impact of all the changes, the new demands and all the fears, and ease our way to that important stage of acceptance and finally to complete recovery.

Although we cannot change or undo what has occurred, we can change the way we respond. The process of hypnosis can effectively help you to do so. With ease it allows you to openly and honestly express your emotions, acknowledge your doubts and fears, and honor the depth of your sorrow.

What seemed unreachable begins to become possible. In a beautiful way the hypnotic process allows you to realize the enormity of your ability to love and appreciate another person. This is something so fulfilling and we can realize when we work through our experiences. And what once held you emotionally off-balance and physically paralyzed, begins to release.

 Let hypnosis guide you to new balance and grow strong again. Let it help you to embrace the treasures of your memories in a way that celebrates your present life and encourages you to plan your future life. And you give yourself the opportunity to again feel peace within yourself and peace with the world around you.

Releasing the Pain from Physical, Emotional, and Sexual Abuse

When those we trust abuse us, treat us with disrespect, control and criticism, it erodes our self worth and self love. Some such people find themselves going through life like walking zombies or empty shells, leading detached and unconnected lives. Without question, past injustices can create enormously debilitating blocks and lead to an array of behavior problems as well as physical disease, and negatively influence a person on every level of their life.

You do not have to live with harm from abuse invading your health and happiness. Nor do you have to simply manage it. You have the capability to eliminate the negative effects of abuse from your life completely. The process of hypnosis allows disruptive emotional wounds to be faced with an honesty and truth that allows for thorough and permanent healing. It allows you to unload yourself of the emotional baggage of guilt, self blame, anger, sadness, fear and hurt. And with the weight of the past behind you, hypnosis gives you the opportunity to find a brand new sense of self value and self love, the very ingredients for a healthy, happy and successful present life and future.

Performance Enhancement Programs at Galaxy Hypnosis

Hypnotherapy can help you to achieve your full potential, whether that’s in sport, public speaking, taking exams, competitions, auditions or performance art. Even sexual performance can be enhanced by using hypnosis to help you focus and filter out distractions. 
The link between the workings of the mind and performance has been recognized for many years. In sport, as long ago as the 1950’s, Soviet Union Olympic teams were employing the services of hypnotists to greatly enhance their athletes’ performances. Today, many top athletes, business people and performance artists use mental rehearsal techniques to help control stress levels and improve their performance.
When it comes to sport, singing, acting, playing a musical instrument or any other performance art, it is vital that stress levels are controlled and success is expected. However, negative thought patterns, habitual beliefs and fear can often take over and keep us from performing at an optimal level. The same applies in business. It is well known that if you want to get ahead in business and achieve your goals your attitude has to be right, free of any old fears and worries.
Successful people such as Tiger Woods or Richard Branson tell us that winning and staying at the top is about our state of mind, controlling our emotions, focusing on our desired outcome and believing that we can do it (whatever it may be). Throughout their careers they have continually used mind programming techniques to help them control their mind, especially their subconscious mind, that part that’s responsible for creativity, behaviours and habits, beliefs and emotions.
Hypnotherapy helps to remove negative thought patterns and beliefs, re-programme the mind in expectation of success and enhance focus on what you really want to achieve. Through visualization and relaxation techniques anxiety is reduced, helping you to stay calm and focused, to get ‘into the zone,’ where your actions are carried out by the subconscious mind, as if on auto-pilot. In hypnosis the power of the subconscious mind can be accessed, which helps to change habitual responses and learnt behaviors, allowing you to perform at new levels of excellence.


Stop Smoking Programs at Galaxy Hypnosis

Most people know someone who has stopped smoking using hypnosis.  Hypnosis has been fantastic for helping people stop smoking.  At Galaxy Hypnosis we help people stop smoking all the time.

Smoking is more than just a habit, it can and often becomes a coping measure that many people use to deal with and handle stress in their life.  We also work with the client to change their coping measures to exclude smoking and incorporate more healthy methods to reduce stress like meditation and exercise.  We help our clients stop smoking without replacing the smoking habit with eating. We use a three session, client centered process, to insure your success in living smoke free.  

We create the environment for positive change with our clients by giving them numerous self-hypnosis tools that are custom designed for their specific circumstances. We know that life is busy and that you need to balance the challenges in your life with the resources you have available. Often we come to realize that smoking is attached to a wider array of life challenges; therefore we create an environment for full mind and body healing, balance and well-being.

Sexual Response and Performance Programs at Galaxy Hypnosis

Sex is one of the most healthy activities we enjoy as humans, it exercises the body and triggers positive hormones that fills the body relieving stress and pain. When life's issues overtake us to the point of affecting this vital component of our well being balance it makes the struggle to recover even harder. 

Many people experience sexual difficulties at some point during their lifetime, sometimes these issues resolve themselves, but if they don't then professional help may be necessary.  Sexual response and performance concerns can happen can happen at anytime in a person's life; they can suddenly occur without warning or gradually occur in an existing sexual relationship.  It is important to have you see your doctor to rule out any physical factors that might be causing this problem.

Hypnotherapy has a proven track record at helping individuals to release negative or limiting beliefs that inhibit sexual performance and/or response.  Often the professional and/or personal stresses of life can hold us as emotional hostages and prohibit our bodies from performing as we expect or desire. We create the environment for positive change with our clients by giving them numerous self-hypnosis tools that are custom designed for their specific circumstances. We know that life is busy and that you need to balance the challenges in your life with the resources you have available. Often we come to realize that performance is attached to a wider array of life issues ; therefore we create an environment for full mind and body healing, balance and well-being.      


We as hypnotist do not provide a medical diagnosis or recommend discontinuance of medically or mental health prescribed treatments.The services we provide are held out to the public as non-therapeutic hypnotism, defined as the use of hypnosis to inculcate positive thinking and the capacity for self-hypnosis. I do not represent my services as any form of health care or psychotherapy, and despite research to the contrary, by law I make no health benefit claims for my services."

For you to succeed, you need to follow the instructions of the hypnotist, complete all assignments that are given, such as, doing self-hypnosis at home, changing routine, or monitoring attitude changes.  Finally, you must actively participate in achieving the outcome you desire.