Reiki is a gentle and effective form of hands on energy healing, which opens to the universal energy to support the body's inherent self-healing abilities. Reiki healing allows for healing to take place on physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels.

Reiki provides a space where you can be more aware of what is going on inside your body and mind. To learn to listen to your own body and make wise decisions regarding your well being from this place. Being more present means you are in your body, which helps you to access even more that inner knowing and wisdom that we all have!



Promotes Harmony & Balance

Deep relaxation and helps the body release stress and tension

Dissolves energy blocks and promotes natural balance between mind, body and spirit 

 Assists the body in cleansing itself from toxins and supports the immune system 

Clears the mind and improves focus as you feel grounded & centered 

 Accelerates the body’s self-healing ability as you start to return to your natural state 

Reiki is safe to use and compliments medical treatment & other therapies if you have medical conditions You may receive Reiki treatments if you are undergoing chemotherapy. Pregnant woman can have Reiki treatments to support them through all stages of the pregnancy.


Benefits To Reiki Healing

* Reiki Does no harm *

*You can never have too much Reiki* 

Reiki is for everyone!

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We as hypnotist do not provide a medical diagnosis or recommend discontinuance of medically or mental health prescribed treatments.The services we provide are held out to the public as non-therapeutic hypnotism, defined as the use of hypnosis to inculcate positive thinking and the capacity for self-hypnosis. I do not represent my services as any form of health care or psychotherapy, and despite research to the contrary, by law I make no health benefit claims for my services."


For you to succeed, you need to follow the instructions of the hypnotist, complete all assignments that are given, such as, doing self-hypnosis at home, changing routine, or monitoring attitude changes.  Finally, you must actively participate in achieving the outcome you desire. 

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