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Examples of Aura Photography

Everything is energy.  Our energy is measured as vibrational frequency. 
Lucky for us  so is color... 

Come and enjoy your invitation to spend quality time with others who share an interest in seeing themselves in a fresh light.  

You will experience your energetic signature  in real time, seeing the size shape and color of your chakras as well as the colors quadrants  of your personal radiant Aura. Your Aura experience includes the scan, a short personal discussion with a full color print out .  You will also receive  via email a multiple page report explaining the various charts graphs and a description of each color as they work together for your highest and greatest.  

Your Aura Experience! 

This report includes your Aura photo and our staff will explain what the different colors of your aura indicate.  They will identify the energy flow through your aura and what the various aura colors can indicate about how others people see you and how you are experiencing life.


Your chakra energy flow will be shown and analyzed along with an explanation of how efficient your chakras are processing energy. We explain what each chakra does, how well it appears to be functioning, and how it can effect your daily life. We will make recommendations to help you increase energy flow through the chakras, clear blockages, and become more grounded, and better balanced energetically.


Our system also gathers information about your bodies energy levels as related to use for Intuitive, Mental, Emotional, and Physical exertion. We also provide a Mind/Body/Spirit pie chart and your Yin/Yang balance.  The staff will address the level of stress you are experiencing and how to best manage the stress and challenges you are dealing with in this moment. 


An aura photo is a snapshot of where you are energetically at the time of the photo.  Your aura changes as your relax and calm yourself, as you meditate and center yourself, as you become more true to yourself. It can provide you with a unique opportunity to evaluate the energetic mental and spiritual components of you along with the physical.  






Are you curious about seeing the shifts from before a energy session to after? How much of your energy will shift with in the session? 

Our Gift to You!

To show our appreciation, each of our clients will receive a Multiple Page report via email. This report will provide our clients with in-depth information into their chakras, aura, colors as well as over all energy. 

Let's Have a Party!!

Do you have a group of friends, having a workshop or perhaps you'd like to bring Aura Photography to your own space.. 

We travel, Easy Set up, Lots of laughter and Fun!

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